June 2018

Tom Foster

WSDBA Treasurer - Tom Foster

Meet your WSDBA Treasurer, Tom Foster

In two sentences, tell us about your company.

Electrical Engineering for the construction industry…mostly schools, like Lake Mead Christian Academy High School, Boulder City High School (recently designed a new theater), parks like Heritage Park in Henderson (we designed the sports, trail, and parking lot lighting).

We also provide electrical engineering for Casinos (such as power upgrades for the Golden Gate Casino and The D Casino, various projects at the Golden Nugget, Casino Royale, Caesars Forum Shops, Fashion Show Mall, in addition to commercial office and manufacturing facilities, with a few custom residential projects.

How long have you worked with them?

20 Years.

Who’s your best customer/referral?

Clark County School District

What about your company makes you get up in the morning?

Everyday is a new design or construction challenge. You don’t know what is going to hit the desk in the morning.

How did you find out about the Water Street District Business Association?

Member of the original downtown DHBA (Downtown Henderson Business Association)

How long have you been attending the WSDBA events?

About 15 years

As a board member, how would you describe what you do (on the board) to make the WSDBA #destinationofchoice?

As Treasurer, I make sure the WSDBA is a financially sound organization, and provide a budget for review by the board every year.

Why do you decide to spend your time networking with this organization?

It is in our backyard. I like the concept of helping build successful businesses in a vibrant historic downtown business environment, and have seen similar models work in other cities.

If you could wave your magic wand for the Water Street District, what one thing would you like to see happen in the next 3 – 5 years?

“I would like to see all the businesses along Water Street filled with thriving successful businesses”

How can the WSDBA help your business prosper in the next 3 – 5 years?

Help the area grow economically, build foot traffic, and see other businesses get more walk-in customers.

How can your business and skills best contribute to building a thriving WSDBA and making it a #destinationofchoice?

I can help other business owners be successful by encouraging them to participate in many local business building seminars, and networking with other successful downtown business owners. Events and activities that enhance the walking experience downtown are a big focus. We have instituted a historical walking tour with signage indicating the history of various locations in the downtown area. We have improved the walking experience with new landscaping, including a new pocket park. We have even added several free electric vehicle downtown charging stations to encourage EV owners to stop and explore downtown businesses while charging their vehicles.

May 2018

Maria Bailey

Getting to Know the Entrepreneurs of the WSDBA

by Brett Weller GoalDen, Solutions, WSDBA Communications Team

Every entrepreneur has a story. Wouldn’t it be great to share it?

Every business owner feels their success in their gut during all the years their businesses isn’t making money. How many years did it take Success City Online to get up and running?

Maria: Two years working for free.

How many employees do you have now?

Maria: Five full-time, four part-time

How many years have you been in business? When did you hire your first employee?

Maria: We’ve been in business for six years, and hired our first employee four years ago.

How did all of this start?

Maria: Many years ago, I wrote a weekly column for the Las Vegas Business Press – now called “In Business.” My column was called “Succeeding in Las Vegas.”

As I understand it, at one point you had a radio show online?

Maria: Yes, the Success City Radio Show, but it has been dark for the last three years.

How do you get new business?

Maria: 100% of our business is by referral.

What is one weird fact about you?

Maria: I love horror and action films that teenagers watch

Favorite movie?

Maria: Starship Troopers

Who would be a great referral for you?

Maria: A good referral is a company who has become successful enough to need a full-time marketing person, but not quite big enough to hire someone.

What can we do to make the WSDBA a destination of choice?

Maria: Focus on needs of business owners and how to provide more value. We just need to refine what we are doing so the members have a great experience. Timing is perfect with the increased focus and attention that is happening downtown. Promoting redevelopment and business growth of the Water Street District is also something we can help with. For example, “Downtown Henderson Complete Streets,” by the City of Henderson, is why you see so much improvement happening around downtown. This includes the landscape beautification, the pavers in front of the City Lights Art Gallery, the street improvements around the Emerald Island Casino. Another big project is the upcoming Water Street expansion north to connect Cadence with the rest of downtown. This is all going to be really positive for everyone.

How long have you been with the WSDBA?

Maria: I have been a member of the WSDBA for many years. I have served as a Board member for the last three years and have recently been elected as President.

Favorite part of being President?

Maria: Privileged and Honored

What is the worst/best part of being President?

Maria: (Worst) I wish I had a couple extra days a week.  (Best) Great people, great board members, we’ve got a super group of people.

June 2016

Mama’s Wranglers, the Jackson Family Band & Cloggers.

When did you decide you wanted to open your own business?

15 years ago

Were there any challenges that made you think twice about striking out on your own? Yes -being a single mom

What’s the best business advice you have ever received?

Never give up!

What personality trait helps you the most?


In one sentence, tell us why customers should go to your business.  What makes your business different?

We provide quality entertainment at an affordable rate and loads of fun!  Not to mention the grub is pretty dang good too!

What do you do in your off time?

We like to go boating, horse back riding, motorcycling and play tennis!

What did you do professionally before opening your own business?

I owned and operated my own music studio.  Then toured the nation performing professionally.

Why open in the Water Street District?

Love providing something that isn’t being offered there.  Also, we love the revitalization project to support Historic Henderson.

Describe your business:

Owners: Toni Jackson and the Wranglers (Tess, Grayden, Mickinzie, Skyler)

Location: 133 South Water Street, Henderson, NV 89015 (across from Rainbow Casino)

Hours: Varies – We have matinee shows and dinner shows

Phone: 702-518-7464

Website: www.FirelightBarn.com

Email: info@firelightbarn.com

Founded: April, 2015

We are Mama’s Wranglers, the Jackson Family Band & Cloggers.  We’ve been performing together for over 15 years now, and have performed in Canada, Europe, and 49 states!  We really enjoy sharing our love of music with our audiences and feel like we have “family” everywhere we perform.

Moving from Salt Lake City in 2007 to Henderson was one of the BEST moves we ever made (especially after the first winter not having to shovel snow!).  We relocated here when we signed a contract to perform at resorts in Southern California and Phoenix area, and Vegas was a good middle point to live!

The community has embraced us, and so we take advantage of EVERY opportunity we can to “give back”!  We are involved with fundraisers (American Diabetes Association, Cancer, Veterans, schools, etc.), providing entertainment for special groups (Triple Run Kids Dare, Opportunity Village, etc.), feeding the homeless, etc.

“Music, our Family Tradition” is our motto, and we love that downtown Henderson has become our “HOME”!  We may be small, but our heart is as big as Texas.  So come on in to the Firelight Barn, kick off yer boots, and enjoy good ol’ western dinner and music!

March 2016

Laura Jane Spina


When did you decide you wanted to open your own business?
I am the second generation of the firm, so I would say it was embedded in me.

Were there any challenges that made you think twice about striking out on your own?
The recession was a difficult time. I am proud we made it out.

What’s the best business advice you have ever received?
The words of wisdom was simply “Stay positive”.

What personality trait helps you the most?
I am persistent and I am not afraid to try new things.

In one sentence, tell us why customers should go to your business.  What makes your business different?
Great service, good response time. I take every project personal, my reputation is on the line.

What do you do in your off time?
I love to relax and decompress with my family and two wonderful dogs.

What did you do professionally before opening your own business?
I worked at another design firm.

Why open in the Water Street District?
We believe in the redevelopment, and we love the home town feel.

Describe your business:

Owners: Laura Jane Spina & Robert A. Fielden

Location: 155 South Water St.