Sponsorship Opportunities

The Water Street District Business Association (WSDBA) is a group of dedicated small business leaders committed to the shared success of the enterprises located on and around historic Downtown Henderson.

Together, association members develop strategies and serve as problem-solvers and visionaries for the entire district and act as advocates in the community and other organizations.

Why Partner with the WSDBA

The WSDBA is the only organization focused solely on the success and the future of businesses zoned within the Henderson Redevelopment District. As leaders in our community, we have the opportunity to engage those around us to foster relationships and become a powerful, unified voice in the process.

In addition, the WSDBA is dedicated to the education, encouragement, and financial success of each business within the Henderson Redevelopment District. Monthly educational workshops, creating relationships with the City of Henderson executive team, creating direct access to the Mayor and City Council members, providing opportunities for members to spotlight their business at various events in Downtown Henderson, and working in partnership with the Henderson Chamber of Commerce are all priorities for the WSDBA.

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